No one wants to buy a dirty boat... which is why you'll love Mobile Boat Washing.

You understand & acknowlege that a clean glossy boat improves it`s presentation and adds value to the sale price.

Well, our service is an excellent reason a potential client would choose you as their broker knowing their boat will be looked after and presented in excellent condition ready for a potential buyer.

We also offer discounts for multiple boats that are stored at the one location and can even arrange the service and charge the boat owner direct!

We're happy to set up an automatic weekly or fortnightly schedule to service your location.

Our service is also completely mobile - we come to you. We access the boats during the day without the need for you to be there or let us in.

Our environmentally friendly wash using our pure water system allows us to clean without the need for any harsh chemicals or detergents resulting in the protection of your local waterways/ canals.

And don't forget, our service is 100% guaranteed!


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Hope Harbour Marina, QLD & RQYS, Manly, QLD

1300 926 422

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