All salt and general dirt will be removed. Where boats are found to have heavy duty dirt burden, we recommend having us perform an initial Heavy Duty clean up, so we start with a clean base.
Please note that the current hard water and mineral build up on your boat cannot be removed by our standard wash down, this will be removed when you have your boat cut n polished next. The great news is that after that service we can maintain the hull`s shine and not allow any hard water and mineral build up to turn you boat dull and cloudy again.

Rates start from a very competitive $2.50 per foot. To keep our prices low and to give you the BEST results we operate on a 12-month subscription model. This allows us to schedule multiple washes in the same area on the same day.
Your 12-month subscription gives you a wash every 4 weeks! When you pay for the full 12 months you also receive a FREE wash!
Urgent or one-off washes can be done, simply add 25% to what you usually pay.

Easy: Mobile Boat Washing stands behind everything we do. In fact we GUARANTEE it! Try us out on a subscription basis and enjoy monthly de-ionised fresh water boat washing and you’ll be thrilled with the results. In the unlikely event you don’t love our service, we`ll offer you a FULL refund of your subscription balance.
Simply call or email us with a quick note explaining why you aren’t happy, and we’ll issue you with a prompt and courteous refund cheque the very same day, no questions asked. We can’t be any fairer than that, can we?


No. We travel by water to your vessel, tie on to your vessel then wash both sides from the waterline up.

We are fully insured and highly experienced; our vessels have padding, rollers and fender protection all over them.

Yes you can however we recommend using only filtered pure de-ionised water. If normal tap water is used the hard water and mineral build up will start again turning your boat dull and cloudy again.

Great news: we have the “Pure Boat Water” Filter exchange programme where we supply you with a filter that will give you de-ionised water to use through your hose. This filter system is on an exchange basis where we will check it and exchange it when the filters and resin need replacing. Cost for this service is $ 130.


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