An entirely custom-built mobile catamaran will arrive to your boat's location and moor parallel to your vessel, even in marinas.

Our vessels are fully insured, operated by qualified staff and are thoroughly equipped with padding, rollers and fender protection to ensure a safe working environment.

An on-board 4-stage filtration system including; reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, sediment filtration and de-ionising resin to produce pure de-mineralised water

Fitted with a holding tank containing pre-filtered pure water ready to use

Our hoses, brushes, pumps and equipment are of the highest quality to ensure a quality and safe wash

Operated by qualified staff

We can access anywhere by water, including marinas and gated communities

We tow a large inflatable pontoon to access the hard to reach areas like the waterside and bow of your boat


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Contact Information

South Stradbroke Island, Qld 4216

1300 926 422

Managing Director
Matthew King 0452 090 083

Operations Director
Hudson King 0434 016 939

E-mail: enquiries@mobileboatwashing.com.au

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