Pure water rinse down to remove the surface dirt, salt, carbon etc to ensure dirt isn't rubbed back into your paint, gel coat or polish.

A high-quality, biodegradable wash & wax is foamed over the boat.

We wash from the waterline to the roof using super soft microfiber cloths and brushes.

We reach the WATERSIDE and BOW of your boat without the need to rotate – even in marinas.

Pure water rinse down ensuring a spot free finish. This extends the time between cut and polishes.

Just before we leave a final rinse down and chamois of all clears, glass and stainless to remove any over spray & drips, leaving a perfect, spot free finish.

We only use IMAR Yacht Soap as it's the #1 recommended cleaning soap by manufacturers Strataglass, Stamoid and Clear View that won't void your warranty.


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